Dear Ms. Caterpillar

Dear Ms. Caterpillar:

I don’t mean to disturb your concentrated chewing, and I really don’t want to startle you – your perch upon that branch is not quite stable.

I only wondered how you do it – secrete the magic threads to reform your life into a creature capable of flight?  The secret would be safe with me. Your single-minded concentration is amazing; leaf by leaf you patiently work towards your own transformation.

My neighbor thinks you will be a moth, and is saddened that your yellow loveliness will soon stain to brown and drab, sentencing you to a life surrounded by darkness. I don’t care. I like you, and I know you will transform into something wondrous, even if you leave your bright beauty inside your cocoon.  You will reach the stars, even if it turns out to be the glitter of a streetlight —  I rave at your daring mechanical drive —

If I could only trade my cheery facade for the chance to fly –

Best of luck, Ms. Caterpillar. I wish you well.  I’ll see you somewhere in this galaxy.


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