Kamakura Local

A Kamakura friend and Buddhist Statue expert; check out my interview with Mark Schumacher here :

Kamakura expat at one with all Buddhist deities | The Japan Times Online.



  1. Yukihiro Ishii Said:

    Dear Kris Kosaka-san,

    Wow! Eight articles at least in less than a week!
    How amazingly prolific you can be in this scorching heat of Tokyo, whereas all I can think of in this heat is drinking beer.
    Please take care of yourself and take every caution to avoid hyperthermia or NECCHUSHO.
    Still, seasons will return. Let us hope a serene autumn is around corner.


    • kosakakris Said:

      Hello, Ishii san.

      Thanks for the comment; some of these articles were written a while ago, but I finally decided how I wanted to structure my blog –that’s why I have been so active this past week.
      I appreciate you reading! I plan to post opera reviews and dance reviews regularly —


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