Rave for Bruce

It was just so typically high-school, so gratingly girl.  I used to hesitate to tell people I liked/loved/obsessed over Bruce Springsteen, and only my sister could really understand my level of devotion — because she shared it. Yet, even now, 25 years after I first discovered him, his music feels like a letter written straight to me, and he has always showcased an America I could not see myself, with my sheltered sunshine life — but I felt it, in his songs.  He is the premier American Storyteller, and I am grateful for the emotion he always brings with his words.

Even though all his fans feel this way, I still adore the Boss, and I have shamelessly indoctrinated Shun and Kana, with videos and music, dancing and air guitar sessions.  Hope to see this documentary some time, from Darkness on the Edge of Town.

Bruce Springsteen News: brucespringsteen.net.


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