Dancing on Mishimas waves | The Japan Times Online

Another alchemist, this time the famous Japanese writer, Yukio Mishima, and the French choreographer, Maurice Bejart.  I reviewed Tokyo Ballet’s upcoming production of “M” , an original ballet by Bejart, created in 1993, honoring Mishima.

I have never digested tragedy for tragedy’s sake very well in art, but the artist who transforms ugliness, tragedy, pettiness into the sublime —  they always have my admiration.  Like Mishima.

This piece also marks my first paid article in the Arts section.  Thanks for your support.

Dancing on Mishimas waves | The Japan Times Online.



  1. Yukihiro Ishii Said:

    Hello, Kosaka-san,

    Here is Ishii, an interested reader if I may count myself among your admiring readers. I must grudge you for your tactful temptation to the Mishima-Bejart ballet. I have never been to a ballet theater for a couple of decades indeed. Please accept my grudging appreciation for this and congratulations on your debut at the Art section.

    Still thankfully,
    Yukihiro Ishii

    PS. I was very much impressed and intrigued with your review of the Williams’ Cat with a particular emphasis on the mendacity of the Japanese; well, on condition that you do not disbelieve I am a truth telling Japanese.

    • kosakakris Said:

      Hello, Ishii san.
      Hope you are enjoying this lovely Autumn in Kanagawa.
      About my recent CAT post:
      I admire the Japanese attitude towards mendacity — I think we humans do naturally put on different faces for different people, and it is a useful tool for survival in society. Anything in extreme, of course, is dangerous, but I just wanted to comment on how America seems to take the other extreme from Japan, that is, not recognizing that sometimes a shadow is best left alone.
      I hope to see next year’s YUZURU at NNTT. Have you ever seen it performed?
      Thanks, as always, for reading.

      • kosakakris Said:

        PS. I, faithfully, do not doubt your own truth-telling.

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