Sonnet Rave, Part II (Haru Ichi Ban)

My dreamwriting: I am currently working on a verse drama, (hopefully more Cyrano de Bergerac than Dr. Seuss) – and to exercise my rusty (non-existent?) poetic skills, more and more I turn to sonnets.  (I shared one back in October “To a ballet master”)  —

I love the form, despite my inadequacies. Sonnets mirror life:  set, precise framework, definitive ending, conventions, rules, tedium — but, oh, the possibilities within!

This one is not quite working. Something sops too much, something not quite clean in emotion.

But here it is, for my master, and for today in Kamakura (gorgeously warm weather with a fierce wind, haru ichi ban, the first wind of Spring in Japanese) so I will share with you:

Spring Tempest, 2/ 25/ 2011

What is better? To stay this hurricane,

this unnamed gale, this unruly, churning

wind inside? One look from you, one smile sustains

its growth immeasurably.  You, turning


away, said, “It is better…”, but how? Why?

What is better? And for whom? Better, still,

we never meet? Better to pretend my eyes

hold nothing but nothing for you? I will


not pretend they do not overflow, cyclone

seething.   I can only raise my blue skies

to you, choke back this truthful wind: You alone

can calm the storm.  You alone can let fly


the caged Spring in me. Better that I do

without all other, than whirl, adrift from you.





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