Amid Shortages, a Surplus of Hope –

I’ve been wanting to post for several days now, but the energy it takes to be happy, carefree and fun for my sensitive 9 year old, who keeps asking me if the people in Sendai are okay, and alert and attentive to tremors for my 6 year old, who is tired of all the earthquake/tsunami talk and swears she will just climb the nearest tree if another big one comes — well, by the end of the day, I have little energy left to write.  Luckily, someone else said it for me, everything I feel about this horrid tragedy and unfolding nuclear drama:

Amid Shortages, a Surplus of Hope –

I also want to show appreciation here for my ballet sensei who greeted us all on Monday (all, meaning the four of us, hesitating and creeping in the door, half guilty, half defiant, out of the usual 18 who made it to class two days after the quake) with smiles and jokes and DANCE and blessed forgetfulness, reminding me that ART is the most wonderful remedy to heal the uncertainty of the human condition.

We are fine right now, and hope to be fine tomorrow and the next.  Hope you are too, wherever you are reading this.


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