Saudade.  I am a word collector like some people collect baseball cards or travel stories.  This one is Portuguese for a certain type of longing. It is on the 2009 list for the Most Difficult Words To Translate.

I will translate and transmogrify the word to suit myself, to define my own, current, perpetual longing  — but not for you.  (Sorry.)

I will give you some hint:  It is not always a sad longing; it is not wistful, looking for things past.  The word to me seems strong, defiant, ready (readiness is all) — longing can turn into reality, if you smile into the face of your dream and wait.  This is the longing I have now, this is my word for it. Saudade.

(I apologize to any Portuguese reader who says, BUT THAT’s NOT WHAT SAUDADE MEANS.  Don’t tell me. Don’t email me.  This is what it means to me, right now.)

Saudade: solitude and motorbikes; sleeping under the stars and walking under the trees.  Finding a way to find a way out.

I have one half day, a night, and another half day to myself — working on my dance play — and I am cherishing the time to write and sleep and write and muse and daydream and write and walk and write and watch a musical tonight alone and write and count stars and write and sleep alone.

And wake up alone and write again.  Saudade.


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  1. What a wonderful gift of time you have been given. Enjoy it and work well!

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