Soul of your sole: Japonista!

These shoes reflect why I love Japan: the blend of ancient and modern, traditional and hip, funky and unfailingly polite.

After they shipped them, the company sent me an email with pictures of my package (presuming I did not read Japanese, and thus helping me know what to look out for in the mail, a great thoughtfulness that belies their youthful image).  They also included in my package Japanese okashi or sweets AND tabi socks to wear with my new tabi shoes (of course, I live in Japan, so I already have loads, but still — thoughtful, thoughtful!) ; the packaging itself is wonderful, but anyone who knows Japan knows how obsessive they are about wrapping things nicely.

AND, finally — MY SHOES — BLISS!  I read about JAPONISTA  a long while back and luckily remembered the company name when my walking shoes walked themselves holey on Monday. Japonista Sole tabi shoes are a bit pricey (11,000 yen or 120 dollars, same as good walking shoes here)  but they are comfortable and easy to walk in —  plus, dig their motto: soul of your sole.  (Feeds my soul, anyway.)

Or, as Ichiro Suzuki says, If your feet are healthy, you are healthy.  I could substitute in happy as well.  I am happy today.  Off for a walk in the lovely spring sunshine now. With my new shoes, baby.  Buy Japan! Go JAPONISTA.  (I am already thinking I really need a black pair, too, you know, just for a bit of variation……)




  1. PacificRimFriend Said:

    I got a pair of Japonista tabi as well; love them! Like you, I was pleasantly surprised with all the ‘extras’ they include. If you want to check out some different cool tabi, be sure to check out Sou Sou as well: . Whatever you do, a great way to help out Japan after the earthquake/tsunami is to just check out their culture and buy Japanese stuff!

    • kosakakris Said:

      Hi, Pacific Rim Friend! Thanks for the heads up with Sou Sou — had not heard of them yet. I will check them out now. Thanks for reading….Kris

  2. joanne Said:

    Hi Kris,
    These look great, wonderful color too:))
    Just taking a visit around your lovely blogs.

    Best wishes with all,


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