Birmingham Royal Ballet & Miyako Yoshida in Japan

To cap my week immersed in ballet, the dynamic duo of  E & L at The Ballet Bag published this photo-blog  — thanks, ladies.

Of course, I focused heavily on Miyako Yoshida in my writing, but all the dancers were impressive, professional, and showed a superior level of skill and stage presence.  It was most interesting to watch rehearsals and then see how each and every dancer pulled their talent up another level for the performance.  Campbella’s Puck — pure marvelous mischief, and the couples convinced us of their love and devotion (and disdain and rebellion) — even the little boy, Titania’s sweet crush, somehow overcame his stiff shyness at rehearsal to embody the beloved waif on stage.  The Dream was truly a dream, but The Sleeping Beauty was also fabulous, ( I caught the show in my adopted hometown, Kamakura) as was Daphnis and Chloe.

Sneaking backstage to peek at a dancer’s every day on tour, meeting so many people so positive about Japan, despite the world’s continuing wariness — trying not to gawk at the many stars of Tokyo Ballet who came out to support the benefit concert, the graceful graciousness of Yoshida san: all these memories blend wonderfully and leave a continuing residue of happiness.

Special thanks to Emilia and Linda for connecting me to BRB, and to Simon Harper, my guide backstage.

Birmingham Royal Ballet & Miyako Yoshida in Japan.


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