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Sayonara! Adios! Good-bye! It’s time to go!

Thanks, you who have kept up with Cobwebs  — thanks, for you who have just accidentally stumbled here through some old link or misplaced goggle.  It’s been almost a year now, my experiment in keeping a blog.  With a big life change ahead of me, I think it is a great time to retire from the world of blogging.  I tried to contact all my subscribers, and now to everyone else:  thanks but this is the end.

As a writer, to blog is seen as almost essential in today’s techno-savvy media world  — one year ago, I despised the form, to be honest, but I wanted to experience it personally before I dismissed it. In this year,  I’ve  found there are definite advantages and wondrous things in blogging, but still, inevitably, all the things I originally despised.  I am not, obviously, the blogging type, never was, and am relieved to leave this small stage.  Yet, most of all in blogging, I found that  I appreciate your support, as a reader, as a like-minded observer, scattered across the world, vibrant in my imagination. All the best to you.

I will still be writing for Japan Times, The Ballet Bag and The Opera Critic when I can  —  thanks for reading, and again — best wishes to you all.